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> >Actually, remember my earlier comment about Basara's red valkyrie and the
> >possibility of Char singing in an MS battle? I just had another stupid
> >idea... Aren't Basara's clothes the same as Heero's in Endless Waltz?
> >(green tank top and jeans) I've got this incredibly bad fanfic idea stuck
> >in my head involving a GW/Mac7 crossover with the Wing boys replacing Fire
> >Bomber.
> Great, and when the girl keeps showing up to give Basara flowers, but can't
> get close to him, instead she gets close enough for Heero to say, "I will
> kill you". ^_^ Just a thought.

Yeah and we can contemporize it to today's trends and have the Wing Boys be a
boy band. And then Mylene can be Britanny Slut. And then ...



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