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> for my part, i wonder why many people (not just leslie
> or echofox) would consider basara a
> jerk/dickhead/jackass/ingrate, and yet think that
> isamu and guld are cool. argh.
Hey, I never said Isamu and Guld were cool. I just said I don't care for
Basara as a character. His overzealous pacifism really felt forced and

> that's the grossest miscarriages of character justice
> ever -- it's the other way around, basara is cool,
> isamu and guld aren't. isamu is an arrogant hotshot
> pilot playboy who screws around with women whenever he
> feels like it, and breaks rules and regs whenever he
> feels like it and revels in his childish temper.
> guld is your not-so-everyday mentally imbalanced
> psycho who would abuse a girl out of jealousy or
> frustration and carry a grudge from his childhood
> years to adulthood. macross plus just stinks SO MUCH
> of melrose place (or whatever moronic nighttime soap
> shit is propagating the airwaves today).
Hey, that's the reason I _like_ Isamu.
He is the stereotypical womenizing hotshot, and he doesn't pretend to be
anything else. I can accept a character like that much moreso than someone
like Basara. When I see Isamu hitting on Lucy, I can say "yeh, that could
happen." When I see Isamu go out in his Fire Valkyrie yelling about wanting
people to here him sing, all the while UN Spacy Valk's are getting blown to
shit around him? I can't accept that in the slightest. Sure its ... err ...
unique, but that doesn't make it a good plot point.

> basara is not as well fleshed out as either isamu,
> myung or guld, but somehow manages to stand out on his
> own at once -- you either love him or hate him after
> just 4 episodes, no?
I dunno, the overzealous pacificist has done before in various mediums. I
don't find it heroic, I find it rather banal and decidedly unrealistic. I
don't believe for a second that a real military organization would let a
civilian go out into combat battle after battle.
> i have little to comment on macross plus plot and
> story. it was nice to watch (i did watch it many
> years ago, and haven't felt any urge to watch melrose
> macross ever again). the whole shebang was a glitzy
> sidestory that you could afford to miss out on and
> still appreciate macross fully.
Macross Plus isn't groundbreaking anime, the likes of, say, the Rurouni
Kenshin OVA. It _is_ fun though. It's exactly what it billed itself as, the
"Top Gun" of anime. An entertaining plot filled with interpersonal conflict
that you can sit down and enjoy.
Macross 7 just felt self indulgent to me. The "war sucks" message seems
heavy handed at best ... plus, just about any respect I had for the series
went out the window after watching the Dynamite 7 OVA's ... truly some of
the worst anime I've ever seen in my life.
> -garr

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