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>Actually, remember my earlier comment about Basara's red valkyrie and the
>possibility of Char singing in an MS battle? I just had another stupid
>idea... Aren't Basara's clothes the same as Heero's in Endless Waltz?
>(green tank top and jeans) I've got this incredibly bad fanfic idea stuck
>in my head involving a GW/Mac7 crossover with the Wing boys replacing Fire

Great, and when the girl keeps showing up to give Basara flowers, but can't
get close to him, instead she gets close enough for Heero to say, "I will
kill you". ^_^ Just a thought.

>Andrew Dynon
>Watt-Evans' Law of Literary Creation: There is no idea so stupid or
>hackneyed that a sufficiently-talented writer can't get a good story out of
>Feist's Corollary: There is no idea so brilliant or original that a
>sufficiently-untalented writer can't screw it up.
>Morrison's Corollary: There is no idea that a sufficiently-talented writer
>has made into a good story that can't become annoying in the sequels.
>Holliday's Corollary: There is no plot so stunningly original that a
>journalist can't make it sound hackneyed.
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