Gordan Gregov (zaku@nopay.it)
Sat, 06 Jan 2001 13:03:14 +0100

Some years ago, I started to build my own 1/144 scratch of the Orchis.
Unlucky, I built only the main cannon, and after trying the E-field
generator, it stopped (due university studies).

the barrel is long 29 cm, and the main body of the cannon 28 cm. This mean
57cm. It's tall 13 cm.
I also started to prepare pieces for the two weapons containers, but they
are still on the piece of wood.

The main problem is the lower body, since it's all curve, it doesn't have a
regular design.

All complete, it has to be 1 meter or plus in lenght. Where do u find a
place to put such kit????
In my case I have to evict my brother and his bed from our bedroom.... ^o^

I also made another scratch project, never realized.
The Neue Ziel (only 60 cm tall). But of this, I made only the 1/144
drawings. SIGH SIGH.... :-(


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