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I don't think the revised Tomino novels had much to do with Zeta Gundam and
the focus on the character of Camille Vidan. After all, Amuro is still very
much alive in ZETA.


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<< But this is a question my friends often ask to me. Once I read that in the
 third of MS Gundam's novels, Tomino decided to kill (perhaps, so it's too
 hard), to let Amuro die and, for this reason (but not just for this one, at
 least I hope so) Sunrise decided to have Camille Vidan as protagonist of the
 Z Gundam series. As I had read this, when I am asked about, I always answer
 in that way. But, in all those years, a doubt has come: Was it really so?
 Did Amuro die in novelization of the series, and had Camille been taken as
 protagonist for this? Now I have the three novels but they are in japanese
 and as they are three hundred pages long the each, before I'll finish to
 read them, much time will have to spend. So, I don't ask to tell me how he
 died (if he died) but just if it is true that he died or not. Of course if
 you can (I know the english translation of the novels is out of print and
 not everyone can have got it).
 Alessandro >>

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