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Sat, 6 Jan 2001 23:05:56 -0800 (PST)

Hi people!

I was just sitting here going through some translated
mecha tech notes (thanks, Ricky! ^_^), and reading up
on the MS-11 Acht Zaku, I was surprised to learn that
it sported magnetic-coated joints. And considering
that the MS-11 development project was scrapped and
replaced with the MS-14 Gelgoog project, this leads to
an obvious question: did the Gelgoogs feature magnetic
coating as well?

One would think not... the Gelgoog was already a high
performer in terms of thrust/acceleration/speed... but
considering that the Gelgoog was built to fight the
best thing the Feds had at the time - in this case,
the original Gundam - and that said Gundam did later
receive the magnetic coating treatment... might it be
possible that the Gelgoog also sports this feature?
Some food for thought...

This also raises another question... who developed the
magnetic coating technology first? The Feds or the
Zeons? Did one party steal the idea from the other? Or
was is just a coincidental mutual development?

On a side note, Ricky Lai also offered me an alternate
spelling for the Acht Zaku's name... in this case,
Acute Zaku. It does fit the transliteral
pronounciation of the name ("a-ku-to za-ku")... and
considering what I've just read and posted here,
"acute" would make a lot of sense.

Any thoughts? Mark? Dafydd? Eddie? Bueler? Fry?
Anyone? Anyone? ^_^

-Burke Rukes

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