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GRYWOLFGLS@aol.com wrote:
> wow..
> Actually I liked Macross 7. Much more true to Macross than Macross Plus or
> Macross 2. I loved the songs, but I have to agree, some can get a bit
> repetitive.
> Character development was much better than many other anime out there.
> One word of caution, though. If you think Basara is annoying for singing
> through the 1st 4 episodes while piloting his Valkyrie, later on the whole
> band has Valkyries, and they do exactly the same thing.
> Wolfie
> "All I want for christmas if Battle 7."
granted it's truer to Macross than Macross II (which was never accepted
into the actual Macross timeline and is considered an alternate
universe) but what's the problem with Mac+? i personally found Macross
Plus and it's plot tists to be both enjoyable and intruiging and Guld
and Isamu seem more heroic to me than some jerk who sings magic songs at
everyone because he's a pacifist so everyone else should be to dammit!


"He's a God, it'll take more than one shot."
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