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Sat, 6 Jan 2001 19:34:59 -0800

The first dozen or so episdes of Mac7 are fairly repetitive. Fire Bomber
sings, enemy attacks, Barara goes out to sing to them, Gamlin gets annoyed,
etc., etc. I think its episode 12 where the plot starts to get interesting.
I like Mac7 much more than ZZ and slightly more than Gundam X. I'm glad
they tried something different with Mac7. I'm sure all the fanboys would
have prefered normal pilot characters who were straight fighter jocks, just
as in Mac+, but the concept for Mac7 is interesting because it is different.
I'm glad they tried something new.

Barara is a rock star - not a UN Spacy pilot, so don't expect him to ever
act like one. His antics make for a good act - I'd go see a concert that
had a real Valkyrie flying around in it. There are plenty of rock stars
that do far stupider things than this.


> Just sat through the first four episodes of Macross 7. I didn't hate it -
> I like Mylene, I like Gamlin, and the songs are good (even if playing
> guitar WHILE PILOTING A MECHA is one of the most stupid things I've seen
> anime), but Basara irritates me. Keeping in mind that I have a tolerance
> for bad anime (I actually kinda liked Gundam ZZ and Gundam X), should I
> keep watching? Does Basara eventually stop acting like a dick?

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