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i actually like basara's character (then again, i
actually really really liked macross 7, holding it
second only to original macross, and regarding it as
far far superior to melrose place beverly hills
macross, er, macross plus). he's easily one of the
more enigmatic characters in the macross universe.
basara is not acting like a dick because he wants to.
rather, he's just plain dense and obtuse at times,
even though he means well. he's not the flawless and
charming hero, but he's a better character for it.

i also liked the music A DAMN LOT (even more than the
original macross tracks and definitely more than
macross plus soundbytes), so sue me. not so much
planet dance, but the songs from the latter half of
the series, from the movie, and from dynamite fire. i
like a wide range of rock music. so, yes, i like the
mac7 music; no i'm not crazy and i refuse to be
ashamed for liking fire bomber music. :P the
entirety of fire bomber as an act -- anime and real
life -- is a work of genius, dammit -- their music has
U2 written all over it (as well as a healthy
smattering of various other 70's bands and hairmetal
acts that have long since passed my short term memory)
and that's always cool by me.

i also liked the freaking story -- not exactly top
caliber, but passable simply because it dealt with
protoculture/protodevlin and advanced the universe of
macross, and not dwelling on an inane love triangle
like macplus did -- no matter how much it smacked of
tongue-in-cheek campiness. maybe kawamori was drunk
when he commissioned macross 7, but if it works, it

when you watch macross 7, don't look for the same
things you found in the original macross -- great
character story, among other things. quite honestly,
mac7 does not have much of what made macross so
memorable for quite a few of us, but it does have a
lot of its own merits that make it a worthwhile
sequel, unlike macross plus or macross 2.

and to dispel a popular notion -- basara does not
pilot the fire valkyrie via an actual guitar. rather,
the controls are *shaped* like a guitar, with the
throttle controls located on the neck of the
guitar-like interface, which itself operates like a
standard pilot joystick (push the guitar away to dive,
pull it back to climb, left and right to steer).
controls and toggles are scattered all over the
guitar-like interface and consoles. this should all
be obvious if you bothered to watch mac7. not exactly
"realistic", but then again, neither is 50+ pedals and
sticks and levers used to pilot the original valkyrie.
  "unrealistic" isn't the correct accusation. "wacky"
is more like it. which is, perhaps, a jab at us
mechaphiles who take things too seriously.

you can love or hate macross 7, and that's fine. just
don't say it sucks, coz that's flamebait. :)

fire bomber acolyte

--- Nicholas Paufler <> wrote:
> Macross 7 is ... Macross 7. Most people either love
> it or hate it, with very
> few people in the middle. I'm one of those ... I sat
> through the whole
> freakin' series just so I could watch Max and Miriya
> flying VF-22's in the
> last two episodes. In general, I didn't like it ...
> it really turned monster
> of the week after a while, but it did have its
> moments. I didn't overly like
> the music, but it got tolerable by the end, although
> I swear if I hear
> Planet Dance one more time I'm going to kill
> someone. Basara never does
> change though, so you're stuck with him.
> Fortunately, the relative l33tness
> of Gamlin, and appearances by Max and Miriya do
> compensate somewhat.
> If you weren't immediately turned off by the first
> four eps, by all means,
> go through the rest. Just avoid the Dynamite 7 OVA
> ... it was beyond bad ...
> one of the worst things I've ever seen in fact.
> Three words: GIANT. SPACE.
> Personally, I hope the new Macross series (is it
> still called Macross 3D?)
> is more in the vein of the original series and/or
> Plus...
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> > Just sat through the first four episodes of
> Macross 7. I didn't hate it -
> > I like Mylene, I like Gamlin, and the songs are
> good (even if playing
> > guitar WHILE PILOTING A MECHA is one of the most
> stupid things I've seen
> in
> > anime), but Basara irritates me. Keeping in mind
> that I have a tolerance
> > for bad anime (I actually kinda liked Gundam ZZ
> and Gundam X), should I
> > keep watching? Does Basara eventually stop acting
> like a dick?
> >
> > P.S. Upon seeing Basara's red Valkyrie, I had a
> scary thought of Char
> > playing guitar and singing while engaged in an MS
> battle. If he ever did
> > this, should he get away with it on account of
> being Char, or severely
> > punished? (BTW, I read a fanfic that mentioned
> Duo playing music on
> > Deathscythe's external speakers during a battle,
> but at least THAT was a
> > recording)
> >
> > Andrew Dynon
> >
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> idea so stupid or
> > hackneyed that a sufficiently-talented writer
> can't get a good story out
> of
> > it.
> >
> > Feist's Corollary: There is no idea so brilliant
> or original that a
> > sufficiently-untalented writer can't screw it up.
> >
> > Morrison's Corollary: There is no idea that a
> sufficiently-talented writer
> > has made into a good story that can't become
> annoying in the sequels.
> >
> > Holliday's Corollary: There is no plot so
> stunningly original that a
> > journalist can't make it sound hackneyed.
> >
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