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> Question:
> Shouldn't the Philippines have been severely affected or totally wiped out
> by the Colony Drop on Australia? If there was any region that would have
> been hit first it would have been the southern Mindanao area where Davao is
> located.

Between its distance from Sydney, Australia, and the fact that both the bulge of
the Australian continent (Brisbane is hundred of kilometers east of Sydney) and
the islands of Papua New Guinea and the Solomons form a barrier, I doubt that
the Philippines would feel any direct effect. The aforementioned obstructions,
along with the Great Barrier Reef, would deflect if not entirely block the
tsunami, although there may be tectonic effects throughout the Pacific Rim,
setting off volcanos and earthquakes.

> In 0083, they built a base in Australia already. So I guess it would be safe
> to assume that a city could be rebuilt in the aftermath. But shouldn't
> floods, nuclear winter or some other phenomena have struck Davao (heck, SE
> Asia for that matter) due to the colony drop?

Again, the geometry of the Australian continent shields much of the real estate
to the north. I wouldn't want to be a Pacific Islander at that time, though --
the tsunami would've ripped through the South Pacific all the way to the coast
of Chile in South America. The northwestern shores of New Zealand and the
southwestern shores of the islands of Melanesia (Fiji) and French Polynesia
would've been torn up, I think. Micronesia and Hawaii would be spared, however,
and the Solomons would've gotten it from the south, if at all. The Antarctic
coast (Hobbs, Little America, Oates, George V, Adelie, Clarie, Banzare, Sabrina,
Budd and Knox) would've coem in for some grief, too -- I'd be surprised if the
Ross Ice Shelf didn't fracture and Mount Erebus didn't go off again.

It's interesting to note that the Titans have a base in Papua New Guinea in UC
0087, so whatever damage it took was fully repaired within seven years.

> I mean, Indonesia and the other outlying nations would have been hit bad too
> because of its close proximity to the continent right?

Seismic effects only, but no tsunami -- plus the ensuing fallout, of course, but
that was a global phenomenon.

> (I remember Z's post on how a colony drop could affect the weather too...
> and that was at a global scale... scary... 0_0)

Was that the colony drop discussion or the asteroid discussion? They're orders
of magnitude different in both initial impact and aftermath.


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