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Just sat through the first four episodes of Macross 7. I didn't hate it -
I like Mylene, I like Gamlin, and the songs are good (even if playing
guitar WHILE PILOTING A MECHA is one of the most stupid things I've seen in
anime), but Basara irritates me. Keeping in mind that I have a tolerance
for bad anime (I actually kinda liked Gundam ZZ and Gundam X), should I
keep watching? Does Basara eventually stop acting like a dick?

P.S. Upon seeing Basara's red Valkyrie, I had a scary thought of Char
playing guitar and singing while engaged in an MS battle. If he ever did
this, should he get away with it on account of being Char, or severely
punished? (BTW, I read a fanfic that mentioned Duo playing music on
Deathscythe's external speakers during a battle, but at least THAT was a
Andrew Dynon

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