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Alessandro wrote:

> But this is a question my friends often ask to me. Once I read that in the
> third of MS Gundam's novels, Tomino decided to kill (perhaps, so it's too
> hard), to let Amuro die and, for this reason (but not just for this one, at
> least I hope so) Sunrise decided to have Camille Vidan as protagonist of the
> Z Gundam series. As I had read this, when I am asked about, I always answer
> in that way. But, in all those years, a doubt has come: Was it really so?
> Did Amuro die in novelization of the series, and had Camille been taken as
> protagonist for this? Now I have the three novels but they are in japanese
> and as they are three hundred pages long the each, before I'll finish to
> read them, much time will have to spend. So, I don't ask to tell me how he
> died (if he died) but just if it is true that he died or not. Of course if
> you can (I know the english translation of the novels is out of print and
> not everyone can have got it).
> Alessandro


I have no idea if the Camille part of it is true or not, but Amuro did indeed
die in the Gundam novelization.
On a side note, this led to my realization that one guy I knew who claimed to be
an expert quite clearly wasn't. We were with a third guy I knew, and saw a
picture of Amuro, which led to my claiming that he died at the end of MS Gundam
(I didn't specify novel or animated series because at that time, I had only read
the novels, and didn't know that they had vastly different storylines). I got
an agreement on that from the 'expert', along with a comment or two about when
he had supposedly seen it, and it wasn't long after that that I discovered
things were otherwise in the animated versions.


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