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Interesting. Maybe Front Mission 3 was paying a tribute to Hathaway's Flash.
The Philippine sequence there also occured in Davao City IIRC.


Shouldn't the Philippines have been severely affected or totally wiped out
by the Colony Drop on Australia? If there was any region that would have
been hit first it would have been the southern Mindanao area where Davao is

In 0083, they built a base in Australia already. So I guess it would be safe
to assume that a city could be rebuilt in the aftermath. But shouldn't
floods, nuclear winter or some other phenomena have struck Davao (heck, SE
Asia for that matter) due to the colony drop?

I mean, Indonesia and the other outlying nations would have been hit bad too
because of its close proximity to the continent right?

(I remember Z's post on how a colony drop could affect the weather too...
and that was at a global scale... scary... 0_0)

just my two cents.


From: -Z- <z@gundam.com>
> In Hathaway's Flash Chapter 6: Landfall, the shuttle Haunsen is diverted
> its usual landing in Hong Kong to Davao, which coincidentally is where
> Sleig has been assigned.
> In Chapter 8: Hotel, Hathaway Noah and Gigi Andalusia take up residence on
> 36th floor of the 43-story Tasaday Hotel in Davao.
> In Chapter 15: Circe Hunt, Hathaway gets a permit for a shopping trip in
> Mindanao.
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