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> as i pointed out earlier, a small scale MA next to a
> MG model would look very funny. but look at what
> B-club has done: they have the dendrobium kit at 1/220
> at sells for 680 dollars, and there are people who
> bought the thing. imagine the thing at 1/144.i can't
> imagine it to be more than 100 dollars.

think again, it would have more plastic than a PG, it's box would be bigger
than a PG, I don't think it'll cost less than a PG. trust me, we're looking
at around 400 United States dollars here, at least. now imagine the
shipping cost to the US, which you should consider weight and the space the
package would take up. the bottom line, it's not a wise economical thing to
do it at 1/144. my best bet is IF they do it, it'll be at a smaller scale
and not in the HGUC line (probably a HGMA line and they could also release
the other MAs)

also, even if they make the whole thing hollow, they would have to make it
durable and not just make some big hunk of plastic

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