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Well, some say nothing is worse than indifference. I suppose if you can't be
bothered by the injustice concerning people getting what they do not deserve, then
there isn't much to talk about.

Jonathan Ng wrote:

> So? Lots of people get stuff they don't deserve...

The problem is, Toto marched out with Puru II in Quin Mantha from right outside
the command center, so his subordinates should be monitoring the unit fairly
closely -- given that they are aware of the whereabouts of their commander. And
even if Toto's subordinates weren't aware of his actions, at least Puru II's
doctor witnessed the pair going off on Quin Mantha, so someone ought to know what
Toto was up to. As to the exact location within Axis where the incident occurred,
its isolatedness is debateable. Granted that the place looks abandoned, it
nonetheless appears to be a "downtown" area, for which Toto's command center
should have decent monitoring.

> How would they know this? Given that the death occurred in a relatively
> isolated part of Axis...

Alright... I take it this is supposed to be siding with my point.

> Only auto-pilot in UC Gundam was the ALICE (chronologically just before ZZ)
> but only limited to one unit. Also auto-pilots can't control funnels -
> they aren't newtypes.

Judging from the fact that Kahn can sense him across great distances through the
NT channel, Toto should be a NT, albeit a weak one who must have low brainwave
emission and certainly zero NT ideological enlightenment. As for him feeling NT
"links" for major events, he simply is too minor a character to be featured
whenever such events take place. Therefore, the audience is never informed of
whether he can sense anything, though it is highly unlikely he could, given his
very limited NT qualities.

> Where was it said that Gremmi was an NT? (He was a mediocre pilot, but
> then so was Puru Two) He never had an NT suit, and he never felt Newtype
> "links" whenever a major event occurred. So how could he be an NT?

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