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> from the usage i hear nowadays,
> > it's now used as a contraction for kamag-anak. anyway, that's fiddling
> > about. have there been other terms in gundam which have Filipino roots?
> Dunno about Gundam, Dragonar has a ship called the Mindanao. You've already
> mentioned FM3 (Dagat Ahas = "Sea Serpent", Lakan = "Stength"). Hell, Shirow
> did chara designs for a game called Sampaguita - a local flower with a
> strong scent.

In Hathaway's Flash Chapter 6: Landfall, the shuttle Haunsen is diverted from
its usual landing in Hong Kong to Davao, which coincidentally is where Kenneth
Sleig has been assigned.

In Chapter 8: Hotel, Hathaway Noah and Gigi Andalusia take up residence on the
36th floor of the 43-story Tasaday Hotel in Davao.

In Chapter 15: Circe Hunt, Hathaway gets a permit for a shopping trip in


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