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>Have a few questions on some Zeon MS:

I'm no Mark, Burke or -Z-, but I'll try anyway:

>1. What are those tubes or pipes on the Zaku for anyway? Are they for cooling

 From Burke's MS-06A Page:
...was completed in UC August 0077 and saw the introduction of external
power cables and other minor improvements over the old Zaku I.

So they're power cables...

>2. Why was the Acht Zaku project cancelled? According to the Mechadomain, the
>Acht Zaku was equipped with a beam rifle, so why was the Gelgoog produced
>rather than the Acht Zaku? Was it as simple a matter as performance?

Probably. It probably couldn't be up to the Gundam's standards...

It was used in Zeta, however.

(The real reason the Acht Zaku project was cancelled was that the MS-X
series was canned.)

>3. About how many special purpose amphibious suits were produced for the
>invasion of Jaburo? Were there any variants of standard suits for the
>invasion as well?

How many types, or how many period? There's Agg, Juagg, Agguguy, Acguy,
Gog, and Zugock. I don't know how many were produced (no source
material... boohoo)

And what do you mean by "variants"?

Jonathan Ng

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