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> i don't want a b-club add on. their dendrobium kit is
> 600+ american dollars, and it's at a small scale(1/220
> i think). imagine the price of a dendrobium at 1/144.

precisely, just because of it's sheer size, the amount of plastic/resin used
to make one is a lot. they would never come out with a 1/144 plastic or
resin kit of the MA ever, because it will be so expensive, even the diehard
fans would think it over a million times before pulling out that kind of
money. thinking about it, it could be a bestseller, but it could actually
be a flop in terms of sales because no one could afford it, or would be
willing to spend that much money for a kit

again, the best bet would be a seperate line for MAs at a much smaller scale

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