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>are definitely no light-green Qubeley models. The only light-colored
>Qubeley is the
>one-and-only AMX-004, exclusive to the only pilot worthy of such a fine unit.

So? Lots of people get stuff they don't deserve...

>There are serious doubts over the possiblity of Toto's remnant forces
>sending out
>the NT squadron after Toto's death, since it was made quite clear that his
>immediately dissolved after he was killed upon Quin Mantha's explosion.

How would they know this? Given that the death occurred in a relatively
isolated part of Axis...

>them conversing, especially when they were just meant to be wiped
>out. Auto-pilot
>is unlikely to be technologically viable at the time of 0088.

Only auto-pilot in UC Gundam was the ALICE (chronologically just before ZZ)
but only limited to one unit. Also auto-pilots can't control funnels -
they aren't newtypes.

>Gremmi Toto is a mediocre pilot at best, even though he is a NT.

Where was it said that Gremmi was an NT? (He was a mediocre pilot, but
then so was Puru Two) He never had an NT suit, and he never felt Newtype
"links" whenever a major event occurred. So how could he be an NT?

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