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Alessandro asks,

>In a manga of Kazuhisa Kondo, its name is "MS Gundam - MS Senki (its japanese
>title, of course), the name of a Zeon's ship, a Musai class, is told. But,
>as I'm not sure how it has to be read, I wanted to ask you if anybody of you
>knows its name (in katakana is "Burumeru", so I had thought at something
>like Blumer or Brumel). What do you think about?

  Pretty much every Musai-class cruiser has a name ending in "mel" - the
Camel, the Swamel, the Kramel, the Falmel, et cetera. By the same token,
almost every Gwazine-class battleship's name begins with "gwa" - the
Gwaden, the Gwaran, et cetera. (Exceptions would be the Great Degwin and
the Asarum.)

>In the following pages
>there is a reference to the Ma kube's ship as a "kidou junyou kan" (its name
>is a Madagascar) that could be translated approximately as "new model of
>mobile cruiser". I don't understand what the word "mobile" means. What kind
>of ship was it?

  The "mobile" description, when applied to a ship, indicates that it can
operate both in space and in atmosphere, and can move between both
environments under its own power. Most such ships have Minovsky craft
systems, which help them float over the ground and cushion them during
re-entry (e.g. the White Base and Albion), but the Zanzibar manages this
with its hybrid jet/rocket engines and its re-entry-proof streamlined
underbelly. It still needs a booster to reach orbit, but I guess that's
allowed under the "mobile" definition.

-- Mark

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