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Fri, 5 Jan 2001 17:37:12 +0100

In a manga of Kazuhisa Kondo, its name is "MS Gundam - MS Senki (its
title, of course), the name of a Zeon's ship, a Musai class, is told. But,
as I'm not sure how it has to be read, I wanted to ask you if anybody of you
knows its name (in katakana is "Burumeru", so I had thought at something
like Blumer or Brumel). What do you think about? In the following pages
there is a reference to the Ma kube's ship as a "kidou junyou kan" (its name
is a Madagascar) that could be translated approximately as "new model of
mobile cruiser". I don't understand what the word "mobile" means. What kind
of ship
was it?

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