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> What if they sold the MA seperatly? It would be the grand-daddy of all
> b-club add on kits. That way casual fans could get a nice HGUC GP-03
> having to sacrifice details and the hardcore fans could shell out the bux
> get the full MA add-on kit. To get a Perfect Grade kit from Japan to my
> doorstep usually runs from to $200-$250CDN. I would think nothing of
> $150 for the MA add-on.
> D

if you look at B-Club prices, you'll notice you'll pay around the price of a
MG for upgrade parts like heads, arms, hands, not even the whole mecha.
now, for a MA that size (at 1/144) from B Club, I would say prepare to spend
$400 and above, especially because its coming from B Club and the sheer size

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