Fri, 5 Jan 2001 01:19:11 EST

 I need some help I own the gundam arena website but now know as the arena
well I need peoples help you must be at the age of 15 and up to qualify for
these jobs. The only compensation I can give you is high praise and credit
here on my Web site, plus whatever other favors that I can provide (picture
scanning, copies of videos, etc.). It's all I can offer, but if you're
willing to help, I'd be most appreciative. Here is a list of the jobs that
are available at the arena you can email me or go here

Must have writing experience and able to write reviews for various anime
series and other stuff.

Must have drawing experience and able to draw anime characters and mechs.

Japanese Translator
Now it is a Must for this person to know how to read and translate Japanese
to American if you qualify then send your resume .

Search Person
This person will be in charge of finding information on different anime
series and mechs.

Note: Send all resumes to my email address and not in the gundam mailing list

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