Richie Ramos (
Fri, 5 Jan 2001 11:56:37 +0800

> >I don't think a 1/144 would be feasible. the price for so much plastic
> >the size of the box? it would be expensive -- very expensive. yes,
> >dedicated people like us would probably shell out the money, but for
> >people? zip. ah well. If only there were a way to bring the cost down.
> I was thinking it could be like a scaled up version of the SD. It could
> be generally hollow, but that would mean no removable missile boxes... oh
> well, but it's a simple design, so if they just don't make it an HGUC,
> they could make a 1/144 for a reasonable cost. Though some gimmicks would
> be lost.

but having it featureless would be useless in my opinion...I mean, that's
why we like the newer kits right?

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