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It's nice to see that Tagalog is used for all sorts of things, like Legend
of Legaia, Front Mission 3 and now this. interesting.

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> > I started doing some random word searches on the Web
> > recently to see what other Gundam name references I
> > could come up with. One that had me stumped was
> > "Gaplant", which is a word I see used on a lot of
> > German web pages. However, every online
> > German-to-English dictionary doesn't come up with
> > anything for "gaplant." Anyone have any clue?
> As near as I can figure, it's the past participle of "to plan" -- which
may be
> why you can't find it, because dictionaries typically give you the root
> not the forms.
> "Gaplant" translates roughly to "as it was planned" or "as I planned it"
> > Same thing for "Magaunac" (seemingly mis-pronounced as
> > "Maguanac" in Japanese) and "Olifant" (or
> > "Oliphant")... these are indeed Arabic words, but I've
> > pulled my hair out trying to find an online dictionary
> > that actually gives their definitions _in English_...
> "Maganac" is from the Arabic for "family" or "household" -- due to the
> of Islam, the number two religion after Catholicism, there are almost as
> Arabic loan words as Spanish in Tagalog, from whence the word was supposed
> derived by the creators of Gundam Wing.
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