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MP Qubeley is not exactly a black version of AMX-004-2, since there are many
modifications in the mass produced version, not to mention that AMX-004-2 itself is
close to black in color already. MP Qubeley's are fitted with a pair of active
cannons, which significantly increase the unit's firepower. They also feature a
larger fannel container, which can host up to 30 fannels, supposedly 3 times as much
as the "original" three Qubeley's (though I have never seen the "original" three
having only ten fannels). The reason why MP Qubeley's first appeared as light green
-- not exactly white -- is likely because of poor production/coloring, since there
are definitely no light-green Qubeley models. The only light-colored Qubeley is the
one-and-only AMX-004, exclusive to the only pilot worthy of such a fine unit.

Edward Ju wrote:

> The AMX-004-2 are the black version of Qubeley Mk-II. The pack led by
> Puru 2's Quin Mantha appeared to be white (making them Mk-I?), or they were
> glowing with white aura.

There are serious doubts over the possiblity of Toto's remnant forces sending out
the NT squadron after Toto's death, since it was made quite clear that his forces
immediately dissolved after he was killed upon Quin Mantha's explosion. A likely
explanation for the NT squadron's attack on Kahn and Ashita just before the final
dual is that those brainwashed pilots were still carrying out Toto's command to
eliminate Hamaan Kahn even when their commander has perished, much like a computer
program that would not terminate operation despite the command had disappeared.
Given that these pilots are no more than puppet dolls, it would be pointless to show
them conversing, especially when they were just meant to be wiped out. Auto-pilot
is unlikely to be technologically viable at the time of 0088.

> After Gremmin's death, his faction sent out a pack of Qubeley Mk-II's that
> were painted black, so these could be the AMX-004-2 suits referred to in
> the book. I don't recall any scenes that showed a pilot inside them, so it
> is unknown whether they were on auto-pilot or not.

There is just too much missing information on the NT squadron for us to determine
their identities, which Gremmi obviously didn't care. At any rate, they contributed
little to the story other than eliminating the character of Ciara Soun, considering
that they are supposed to be Gremmi's trump card in reversing his army's
disadvantage in size.

> The ones piloting the white Qubeleys following Puru 2 didn't look like her
> (although they were female). I think after Gremmin's apparent failure at
> controlling Puru 1, he decided to keep Puru 2 in hybernation longer than
> he planned so he can do a more thorough brainwash, which could have caused
> him to scratch a plan of Puru armies if there was one (due to cost and time
> constraints).

Gremmi Toto is a mediocre pilot at best, even though he is a NT. As for Quin Mantha
and Psyco Gundam Mk-II, they not only require NTs or EHs as pilot, the pilot must
also possess very intense brainwave emission, lest the pilot risk mental overloading
because of the units' extreme demands. Of all UC pilots, Puru II is a major
contender for being the pilot with the highest brainwave emission, being a natural
NT fortified with enhancement procedures. Which explains why she can pilot Psyco
Gundam Mk-II much more effectively than Rosamia Badan.

> He was a high-ranked officer within Axis (actually when he first appeared
> in the series he was nothing more than a lustful kid who fell for Lu Luca,
> later it was revealed that he had Zabi blood in him) and he piloted the
> Bawoo, which he didn't use very effectively - in fact it got trashed due
> to his weakness for Lu Luca. By the time the Quin Mantha appeared, he was
> the leader of the NeoZeon faction and he left all the fighting to his
> subordinates. The reason he couldn't pilot the Quin Mantha alone was the
> same reason that Psycho Gundam wasn't intended for average pilots - only NT
> or artificially enhanced pilots could power these beasts.

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