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>> <Slight Gundam ZZ spoilers>
>> >Insofar as I can ascertain, the pilots are never identified and the massed
>> >MZ-000 Quin Mantha are referred to only as the Gremmi (or Glemy) Squadron.
>> ^^^^^^^^^^
>> I am pretty sure the Puru 2-piloted Quin Mantha was leading a pack of
>> massed produced Qubeley Mk-II, not Quin Mantha suits. The generic NT
>> pilots are the "NewType army" that's been mentioned in passing during
>> the earlier part of ZZ (before he started his own faction of NeoZeon).
>Yes, you're right -- I meant the AMX-004-2 Qubeley Mark-II for the massed MS,
>with the NZ-000 Quin Mantha as the squadron leader.

The AMX-004-2 are the black version of Qubeley Mk-II. The pack led by
Puru 2's Quin Mantha appeared to be white (making them Mk-I?), or they were
glowing with white aura.

<more spoilers>

After Gremmin's death, his faction sent out a pack of Qubeley Mk-II's that
were painted black, so these could be the AMX-004-2 suits referred to in
the book. I don't recall any scenes that showed a pilot inside them, so it
is unknown whether they were on auto-pilot or not.

>I didn't see the term
>"Newtype army" in my one unboxed reference book (received after we moved down
>here) but that certainly gibes with what's in that reference. If there were
>really an army of Ple clones, I think that they'd say so.

The ones piloting the white Qubeleys following Puru 2 didn't look like her
(although they were female). I think after Gremmin's apparent failure at
controlling Puru 1, he decided to keep Puru 2 in hybernation longer than
he planned so he can do a more thorough brainwash, which could have caused
him to scratch a plan of Puru armies if there was one (due to cost and time

>> >The only people ever identified as Quin Mantha pilots are Gremmi Toto and
>> >Ple-2.
>> The Quin Mantha was given to Puru 2 by Gremmin and the only time Gremmin
>> jumped into its cockpit he had a worn-out Puru 2 inside it to power the
>> suit - apparently he couldn't pilot it on his own.
>So he wasn't really a pilot, just the squadron commander? That's a first
>-- an
>MS squadron leader who doesn't actual fly his own MS!

He was a high-ranked officer within Axis (actually when he first appeared
in the series he was nothing more than a lustful kid who fell for Lu Luca,
later it was revealed that he had Zabi blood in him) and he piloted the
Bawoo, which he didn't use very effectively - in fact it got trashed due
to his weakness for Lu Luca. By the time the Quin Mantha appeared, he was
the leader of the NeoZeon faction and he left all the fighting to his
subordinates. The reason he couldn't pilot the Quin Mantha alone was the
same reason that Psycho Gundam wasn't intended for average pilots - only NT
or artificially enhanced pilots could power these beasts.


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