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> I started doing some random word searches on the Web
> recently to see what other Gundam name references I
> could come up with. One that had me stumped was
> "Gaplant", which is a word I see used on a lot of
> German web pages. However, every online
> German-to-English dictionary doesn't come up with
> anything for "gaplant." Anyone have any clue?

As near as I can figure, it's the past participle of "to plan" -- which may be
why you can't find it, because dictionaries typically give you the root word,
not the forms.

"Gaplant" translates roughly to "as it was planned" or "as I planned it"

> Same thing for "Magaunac" (seemingly mis-pronounced as
> "Maguanac" in Japanese) and "Olifant" (or
> "Oliphant")... these are indeed Arabic words, but I've
> pulled my hair out trying to find an online dictionary
> that actually gives their definitions _in English_...

"Maganac" is from the Arabic for "family" or "household" -- due to the influence
of Islam, the number two religion after Catholicism, there are almost as many
Arabic loan words as Spanish in Tagalog, from whence the word was supposed
derived by the creators of Gundam Wing.


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