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-Z- writes:

> "Be careful what you wish for...!" (^_^);

Hee-hee! Leave it to -Z- to come through with all
those obscure linguistic/historical/mythological
references in Gundam names. :)

(Historical/mythos references snipped for word

I started doing some random word searches on the Web
recently to see what other Gundam name references I
could come up with. One that had me stumped was
"Gaplant", which is a word I see used on a lot of
German web pages. However, every online
German-to-English dictionary doesn't come up with
anything for "gaplant." Anyone have any clue?

Same thing for "Magaunac" (seemingly mis-pronounced as
"Maguanac" in Japanese) and "Olifant" (or
"Oliphant")... these are indeed Arabic words, but I've
pulled my hair out trying to find an online dictionary
that actually gives their definitions _in English_...

-Burke "Burkenator" Rukes

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