Burke Rukes (mechadomain2000@yahoo.com)
Thu, 4 Jan 2001 09:56:36 -0800 (PST)

Hello everyone!

Burke's back in the ML again, and I'm announcing a big
overhaul/update for my web site for 2001. Lots of new
Gundam sections added as well, including more complete
G-Generation game listings, a For the Barrel section,
and too many others that I can't remember/list right
now. And despite any previous announcements, rumors or
expectations, I will be continuing my work on The
Mecha Domain. (Although I don't regret selling all
those books to some of you good people here on the
GML... I didn't need those books anymore, and I did
need the money...)

So what else new can you expect in 2001? I plan to
slowly but surely start adding character bios, story
synopses, and perhaps some original mecha artwork as
well (if I can get my old drawing skills back up to
speed...). Plus, thanks to some new translation help,
you should also be seeing lots of new "Burke's All the
World's Mobile Weapons" files - as well as some
"Burke's Fighting Spaceships and Vehicles" files as

Okay, enough of my shameless plug for now... check out
the updated site (see URL below), lemme know what you
think, please point out bad links (there might still
be a few), yadda-yadda-yadda.

Believe in the sign of Zeta!

-Burke "Burkenator" Rukes

The Mecha Domain Mark-II - http://mechadomain.gundam.com

"You can't fight City Hall, but you can goddamn sure blow it up!" - George Carlin

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