Loran Seakku (neogohan@nc.rr.com)
Thu, 4 Jan 01 08:00:06 -0500

>just imagine the sheer size of that at 1/144, I think the PG box wouldn't
>even come close. I don't think they'll be doing an HGUC in another scale.
>they may release the MS itself in either MG or HGUC (which I think is
>logical since a lot of people has been asking for it) but the MA, I don't
>think so. I don't think even B-Club would be coming out with a MA is they
>come out with a 1/144 MS in the HGUC line.
>or better yet, Bandai should come up with another line for the MAs,
>something like 1/220 or 1/550, whatever and release all the MAs that's too
>big for the MG and HGUC line

Maybe they could release the GP03 in just a small amount of large pieces.
Like the SD. It doesn't necesarilly have to be an HGUC, maybe an LM,
since it doesn't need much coloring. The missile boxes may be a problem...

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