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<Slight Gundam ZZ spoilers>

>Insofar as I can ascertain, the pilots are never identified and the massed
>MZ-000 Quin Mantha are referred to only as the Gremmi (or Glemy) Squadron.

I am pretty sure the Puru 2-piloted Quin Mantha was leading a pack of
massed produced Qubeley Mk-II, not Quin Mantha suits. The generic NT
pilots are the "NewType army" that's been mentioned in passing during
the earlier part of ZZ (before he started his own faction of NeoZeon).

>The only people ever identified as Quin Mantha pilots are Gremmi Toto and

The Quin Mantha was given to Puru 2 by Gremmin and the only time Gremmin
jumped into its cockpit he had a worn-out Puru 2 inside it to power the
suit - apparently he couldn't pilot it on his own.


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