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> Daffyd writes about Ple clones:

Dafydd, actually. "DaffyD" is a log-in name for a little black duck....

> > Although only the two are ever seen, it's implied that there are more, all
> > cloned from the original at birth to create a stockpile of Newtypes. The
> > remaining Ple clones were all destroyed before they could be activated as a
> > small army to be led by Ple-2.
> Actually, I wonder about this. At the end of 45, a whole mess of
> mass-production Qubeleys show up headed by Ple Two's Queen Mantha... Who's
> piloting those? And why are they a different color when they finally fight
> psycho-chick in episode 47 :)

<flipping through Gundam Film Book Series 3: Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ

Insofar as I can ascertain, the pilots are never identified and the massed
MZ-000 Quin Mantha are referred to only as the Gremmi (or Glemy) Squadron.

The only people ever identified as Quin Mantha pilots are Gremmi Toto and Ple-2.

Again, there's no solid evidence for any more clones than the one, just the
suggestion that where one is possible, many are probable -- if you're going to
make a clone, you're going to hedge your bets and start several to maximize your
likelihood of success.

Of course, they may indeed have started a dozen, of which only the one survived.


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