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>>Just (Finally!!!) got my hands on the "MS Girls" book. Now, I'm wondering,
>>have there been any MS girls designed since the book was published? I'm
>>interested in seeing MS girls from the alternate-reality series, as well as
>>08MST and G-Savior.
>Hmm... If you did the Wing/EW gundams, would the girls be female versions of
>the pilots?
>>I can't draw to save my life, but is anyone else interested in doing
>>designs for these?
>Funny, Some Ideas for some MS Girls designs popped into my head a few months
>back. The one that really stuck in my head was a triple Deathcythe.
>In the foreground would be the original Deathscythe, about 14-15, with red
>hair in a ponytail(kind of like Nene from Bubblegum Crisis when she was in
>her hardsuit in ep. 8.)
>Next to her would be the GW Kunio Ookawara DeathScythe Hell, about 17-18,
>with short brown hair, standing with her hand on DS's shoulder.
>But behind them is the piece d'resistance: Deathsythe Hell Custom, in her
>mid/late 20's. Pale skin, long, LONG black hair, and dark eyes. She's
>hovering a few feet off the ground, holding her Beam Scissors like the Angel
>of Death she is.
>I was also thinking of a humorous one of the Double X struggling to keep
>herself upright while having both Satellite cannons Deployed.

...uh, can you draw?

BTW, I wonder what the Turn A Girl would look like. (Do I wanna know?)
Andrew Dynon

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