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Wed, 3 Jan 2001 07:48:53 -0800 (PST)

dear richie:
what i mean is that we have taken bandai for granted
so that when something is not molded in color yet, we
gripe about it. i admit that i was like that too. most
of the kits i got recently were molded in that weird
gray instead of white, but since i got the airbrush, i
don't care so much about that anymore. now i simply
concentrate on modifying. i plan to turn a HGUC
guntank into the 08th MS team guntank massprod.

i want bandai to may be produce a separate MG and HG
line, where everything is the same except it is NOT
molded in colors and sell for substantially cheaper.
it would make for cheaper kitbashes and we won't have
to settle for bendi kits.

the reason i gripe so much about the price is because
since Gundam kits are not readily available where i
live, the Japanese stores just go ahead and charge
double for everything. even buying overseas have to be
carefully considered, but it is cheaper than buying in

PS: does anyone else in this ML live in the
SanJose/Campbell area in CA?

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