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I don't have my Alex with me ... I gave it to a friend of mine's girlfriend
to paint a few months ago as a sort of long term project.
From memory though, only the backpack and torso is the same between the GM
Custom and the Alex. The legs are completely reworked for the GM Custom,
thankfully, since they were truly awful on the Alex. The knee joint was
really, really bad there, compared to the exceedingly nice one on the GM.
The forearms are different, seeing as they don't have the gatling guns, but
the upper arms are probably identical. The shoulder armor is quite obviously
different. I can't think of any differences between the torso's, although
the crotch might be slightly different. I'm fairly certain that the backpack
is the same, too.
Other than that, the head is obviously completely changed and the weapons
are different, including the shield.
So all in all, the Alex and the GM ground didn't share that many parts
trees. An awful lot was changed, that isn't immediately obvious by an
external examination. Consider though, the fact that the legs are entirely
different, and considering how much plastic the legs comprise, they're
certainly much more different than people give them credit for.

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