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> At 23:25 01/02/2001 -0800, Gundam EZEight wrote:
> >what about bad paint jobs?
> Good or bad, the mount will probably scratch
> the paint job, but
> you'll feel the hurt more if it's a paint job that
> you've put effort into it.
> >is it true that the MG alex has no hydraulic
> pistons?
> >then the GM custom does not have it either? DAMN!
> I won't know about the GM Custom, but the MG
> Alex doesn't have the
> hydraulics in the legs -- the pistions are molded
> onto the leg itself.
> Still, the pop-up Gatling should more than
> compensate.

but can we say the same for the GM custom? it used a
lot of recycle parts from the alex, like the internal
frame, the body and arms, etc... and i got all that
from looking at the pictures. no pistons maybe
passable on the alex but definitely not on the GM
custom. the alex has a high ankle guard, the Gm does
not. the pop up guns are like a given for the alex. it
needs something standard from all the MG, like at
least pistons...

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