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> alas, these gundam modelers. no one is into it for the
> modeling anymore. you should pick on the fact that it
> has lousy posability,poor proportions or straight up
> dumb designs, not whether it is all molded in colors!
> IMO modifying is the best part of modeling, because no
> way in hell will we ever get a GM sniper2. painting
> makes it fun. what's the point of scale modeling when
> you're simply in it for the collecting?

Okay, that's one heard from. Personally, I don't mind poseability
factors -- one can always make modifications to the kit for that. lousy
proportions I do's my main gripe with a lot of the older kits, not
the least of which is the 1/144 Kampfer. Dumb designs? I normally steer
clear of calling any design that, because in my experience, someone
somewhere will like a design, no matter how, as you say it, dumb it is. As
for my preference for citing color molds...why not? some of the guys here
are beginners, and would like to have something that can be in color,
without painting; some just don't have the time, but would like to have a
kit/action figure (as bandai kits are wont to be these days, a mix between
action figure and model kit, specially with the HGUC line). so I give that
detail to them. I personally paint and change the paint job from the normal
kit version. I also make modifications. also, if it were something that is
so unimportant, then bandai would just screw it with color molding and get
the best plastic, even if it turns out all puke green. but since they do
give a damn, then as a reviewer, I should give a damn too. they find it
important, and I think I understand why: it's a great way to get
non-modelers into modeling...once they've assembled a few, they're gonna
figure, hey, why not paint it in different colors, and there you go, new
modeler. so give the color molding a has its uses.

other than that, I agree with what you said. As for the GM Sniper, paying
so much for basically a scaled down apsaras and a sniper rifle with the
hands to go with it is kinda...UGH. and I agree, the color may be
different, but if that's all it is, a color variation with that sort of
stuff, then I would feel cheated, considering the big jump in price. Now,
if it had a revised head, revised shoulder plates, and a few more extra
plate parts, then I would consider it.

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