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--- Lim Jyue <> wrote:
> At 07:46 12/30/2000 -0500, Franz Co wrote:
> >Then Alex's shield had a clip mount that mounted on
> to the cover for the
> >90mm. It's quite stable although I still handle it
> with care on my Alex
> >(plus it scratches the paint, sanding it helps but
> loosens the grip). I
> >would actually like it to return to the polycap
> mount although I've got a
> >feeling that it's gonna be clip mounted.
> Actually, the Alex's clip mount is more of a
> hook mount, designed to
> hook over the back of the 90mm. It's a solid
> arrangement, but may prove a
> bit too heavy for the arm -- can't tell, haven't put
> my Alex together.
> Together with the grip, the shield arrangement
> should be pretty stable, as
> you said.
> The Gouf's shield, OTOH, looks as if it's
> supposed to rely on the
> tension of the plastic to keep it in place. I don't
> quite like that kind of
> arrangement, because it places quite a bit of stress
> on the parts. Again,
> this is based on photos, so I can't be 100% sure.
> All in all, polycap mounts for shields are
> still the best, because
> they are stable for most parts and tends not to
> scratch a good paint job.

what about bad paint jobs?
is it true that the MG alex has no hydraulic pistons?
then the GM custom does not have it either? DAMN!

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