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I beg to differ.
The Ez8 is an amazing kit, but so is the GM Ground. Admittedly it's not up
to the engineering precedent later established by the HGUC line (especially
the GP-01), but its a stellar kit. Proportions are great, color accuracy is
good, its loaded with weapons ... definately one of my favorites.
Considering that the Gundam Ground is almost identical, I'd say the same
goes for it, too.
The Zaku is the only member of the line I haven't seen myself, but if its
anything like its linemates it too should be worth getting.
All in all, the HG 08th line is most impressive.

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> if you don't mind wing, the endless waltz series is > excellent. i would suggest you stay away from the > other 08th MS kits. they're not that great except for > a notable few: the goufs,the ez8. don't know about the > rest of the 0080 line, but the alex is passable, not > too bad.

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