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> > They're all named for orchids -- Zephyranthes, Physalis, Dendrobium, Gerbera
> > Tetra -- possibly a passion of Nina Purpleton, possibly a reflection of the
> > all-female AE design team that she headed at Von Braun.
> Nina was chief of the team of designers!? Wasn't she just one of them?

She was clearly in charge, deferring only to the senior military officers and
the Vice Director of Anaheim Electronics. She alone decided who'd pilot the
Gundam. Although she introduced herself modestly as "an Anaheim Electronics
system engineer" to Kou, that makes her senior designer or team lead in my book.

I offer the following supporting exhibits into evidence:

Exhibit A: She accompanied the Gundams to Earth and supervised every phase of
their testing, overruling the on-site military commanders in matters regarding
the Gundams.

Exhibit B: She was welcomed back to AE by Vice Director O'Sullivan, who was in
charge of the AE end of the Gundam Development Project.

Exhibit C: She was deferred to by all of the other members of the design team,
including Paula Gillish, who was clearly in charge of the others when Nina

Exhibit D: She was deferred to by Lucette Eaudevie at La Vie en Rose, even
though she was on Lucette's turf, regarding a Gundam that was not originally in
her custody.

By the way, although they seem to be a team, Mora Bashit didn't have any past
association with Nina prior to this project. She's introduced to South Burning
as "Lieutenant Junior Grade Bashit, who came from Jabrow to take charge of
Mechanics" by Nina in Episode 1.


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