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> Please help me out! I need help on a few different subjects. First of all,
> need to know how to do masking REALLY WELL! I have several parts on my SD
> Sandrock that are not coming out right, and I find it difficult mask in
> small areas! Can anyone recommend a good way to mask or a good liquid mask
> and how to use it?

an alternative to masking is to find the base color of the piece, spray it
in that, then add the other colors by handpainting. I do this a lot, but I
do admit to difficulties, specially when the areas to be handpainted are
BIG. in this case, I use a special mix of Tamiya and Industrial strength
thinner. since the base paint I use is Pylox (which is thinner resistant),
i can use this mix pretty well. The preferred mix for Tamiya and industrial
thinner is dependent on ambient temperature...and how well one can hand
paint. my rule is to have it liquid enough that when you apply the paint,
the brush strokes disappear after a few seconds. Take note that it may take
two or three coatings at times to get an even finish.

> Secondly, I need to know the thinning ratio for tamiya paint!

errr, I think I answered part of that...

> Thirdly, What ratio of clear yellow to clear orange should I use when
> painting gold?

for gold, I use Citadel burnished gold. pretty good and not too bright,
gives a better, more "realistic" feel. I have never used bright gold.

> Fourth, Is superglue a good investment to use instead of filler and putty?

I think my friend Garrick is the master at using this technique. all I can
say is that proper ventilation is necessary.

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