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Thanks! Where did you get it, what features does it have and how much
presssure can the compressor deliver?
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> Omotai wrote:
> > Please help me out! I need help on a few different subjects. First of
all, I
> > need to know how to do masking REALLY WELL! I have several parts on my
> > Sandrock that are not coming out right, and I find it difficult mask in
> > small areas! Can anyone recommend a good way to mask or a good liquid
> > and how to use it?
> I use Testors masking tape. You should take enough time with your
> masking tape, cutting and putting it on. I usually cut bunch of small
> pieces before I mask. Using several pieces to create the shape. When you
> air brush your model, make sure you do thin coat. Make sure it's dry
> then paint again if necessary. I'll even mix my paint little thicker so
> paint doesn't run. If you use too much paint, paint will smear into edge
> of your mask, ruining your outline.
> Testors also make liquid mask. Just brush it on around shape you're
> trying to paint then paint and wash is afterward. It was great on oil
> based paint. But, not for water based. I've seen some liquid mask that
> you get to pill it off after you paint. Btu, I forgot who makes them. I
> prefer masking tape.
> >
> > Secondly, I need to know the thinning ratio for tamiya paint!
> I asked same question before. I think people used 5/5 or 7/3 ratio the
> most. But, there's no rule, you should try different ratio and find what
> you like. I use 7/3 though.
> >
> > Thirdly, What ratio of clear yellow to clear orange should I use when
> > painting gold?
> I never mixed clear paints before. But, you just gave me an idea, I
> think I'm gonna paint sword on my HG Gouf. I'll probably use 50/50.
> >
> > Fourth, Is superglue a good investment to use instead of filler and
> It works great on small gap.
> >
> >
> > And Lastly, How do I find a really good airbrush compressor? Anyone? Do
> > really need an airtank on my compressor? I found one that sells for $179
> > with moisture filter, and adjustable air pressure.
> I'm happy with my $100 Testors AC300 compressor. It's strong enough,
> durable, compact, quiet, and most of all cheap!
> Danny
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