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Tue, 02 Jan 2001 17:50:38 +0000

Well you can get one with an aiurtank at home depot.. They sell industrial
strength compressors at a good price under 300 bucks I think.. These little air
compressors really suck since they are noisy and always shut off...

Omotai wrote:

> Please help me out! I need help on a few different subjects. First of all, I
> need to know how to do masking REALLY WELL! I have several parts on my SD
> Sandrock that are not coming out right, and I find it difficult mask in such
> small areas! Can anyone recommend a good way to mask or a good liquid mask
> and how to use it?
> Secondly, I need to know the thinning ratio for tamiya paint!
> Thirdly, What ratio of clear yellow to clear orange should I use when
> painting gold?
> Fourth, Is superglue a good investment to use instead of filler and putty?
> And Lastly, How do I find a really good airbrush compressor? Anyone? Do I
> really need an airtank on my compressor? I found one that sells for $179
> with moisture filter, and adjustable air pressure.
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