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> I was just taking a piss when I asked about Musai! As far as I know,
everything else
> (MS, MA, ships) are just made up. The Alexander class in Zeta might have some
> origin..... anyway, is there anything else in Gundam related to the world in
> sense?

"Be careful what you wish for...!" (^_^);

The actual class is "Alexandria" but it's still a reference to Alexander III
(356-324 BC), better known as Alexander the Great, son of Philip I of Mecedonia,
who became king of Macedon in 336 BC and conquered both Greece and Persia and
invaded India before dying in Babylon at the age of 32 from either typhoid or
malaria. His empire was soon torn apart by the power struggles of his former
advisors and generals, collectively called the Diadochi (Greek for
"successors") -- a name echoed in that of Jupiter Empire ruler Crux Dogachi in
the Crossbone Gundam side story. Alexander's wife Roxane, Princess of Persia,
and 13-year-old son Alexander Aegus (Alexander IV) were subsequently killed by
Cassander, son of Alexander's adviser and second regent Antipater and himself
the fourth and final regent, when he became king of Macedon in 405 BC.
Alexandria was founded by Alexander when he conquered Egypt.

There are also tons of mythological references -- Medea, Pegasus, Elmeth
("Hermes" by some accounts), Samson, Ifrit, Zephyr, Apsaras, Cyclops Team,
Titans, Nemo, Methuss ("Metis"), Garuda, Audomuhl, Pallas Athene, Qubeley
("Cybele"), Wyvern, Griffin, Plutonius, Jupitoris, Penelope, Sinope (although
that's actually named for a moon of Jupiter, which in turn was named for one of
Jupiter's many mistresses), Adrastea (ditto), Amalthea (same), Callisto (also),
Lysithea (yet again), Aenas (last one), Zeus (the Greek Mobile Fighter in G
Gundam), Shytarn ("Shaitan" to some), Taurus (constellations of the Zodiac are
all mythological figures), Leo, Virgo, Aries, Tragos (another name for
"Capricorn"), Cancer, Pisces, Libra, Serpent (based on "Ophiuchus"), Mercurius,
Geminass ("Gemini"), Aesculapius, Aquarius and Belphagor.

I'm sure I missed a few....

Tomino used the names of a number of Caribbean island pirate strongholds in
Crossbone Gundam: Tortuga, Divinidad, Elefante, Batara, El Egolia, El Ebado, Que
Sfortze, Abijo and Accusirio.

> The GP Gundam series have interesting name but I doubt they mean
> anything though.

They're all named for orchids -- Zephyranthes, Physalis, Dendrobium, Gerbera
Tetra -- possibly a passion of Nina Purpleton, possibly a reflection of the
all-female AE design team that she headed at Von Braun.

So's the Rafflesia from F91, which resembles the flower for which it's named.


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