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How come the Japanese version of Gundam DVDs are no longer available in
english? 0080 and 0083 certainly were but they didn't redo the sound hence
not Dolby-Digital 5.1. I can't read Japanese so I have a hard time trying
to work things out at Emotion - can someone please provide me the details
of Japanese Gundam DVD releases? I think the 0079 Movies have english
subtitles and that's it......

I am not sure about the Wing Gundam series but I think they are different
in quality compared to the US release. Also, I don't think the info for
F91 and CCA are available yet.
Thanx all

Mario Kothe wrote:

> Hello everyone,
> found this while searching for some infos on Gundam on the net.
> Gundam F91 DVD to be released March 25 2001
> Gundam Char´s Counterattack to be released March 25 2001 (if i read it
> correct)
> Bye Mario
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