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As per usual, the Newtype Magazine Website has updated its content in the last
week of the month. In this case, it was on Christmas Day:


The cover of the January Newtype features the new Lalah Sung character from For
The Barrel and the December 25 FTB update has an illustration of three of the
main characters, two of whom have not been profiled or mentioned before. Here's
the Egnlish language text of the article:

"Getting to the core of Gundam by restructuring it.

Bright Noa, Saila Mass and White Base, all of these names are so familiar to the
so-called GUNDAM GENERATION but unfamiliar to the ones who know nothing about
the First Gundam. Such names can be picked up sparsely in FOR THE BARREL.

Well, let us get the things straight again. FOR THE BARREL is a visual story
made by the four creators of a new generation or 'the sons of well-known
Tomino.' This story is based on Yoshiyuki Tomino's novel version of Mobile Suit
Gundam 1-3, Kadokawa Sneaker Bunko. In addition to it, the novel version of it
had improved itself and turned to be a powerful drama and not a simple copy of
the anime version of Gundam. Some enthusiastic fans consider the novel version
as the director Tomino's ideological bible. We are, to some degree, under the
influence of Gundam as long as we are the fans of animation. It means that some
parts of your life are made from Gundam. If so, you've got no choice to
face-to-face Gundam to search for 'your identity' all by yourself in FOR THE
BARREL. What does Gundam mean to you? You'll figure it out when you understand
how to accept FOR THE BARREL.

Under series on Newtype magazine and Newtype.com magazine


Ling A-bao (right)
The key-person who'd leading the real hero to the world as well as the story,
that is played by Ling A-bao. He's being called in different ways in the
stories, but in short for 'A mutant stranger born out of the Space Age.' He is
not a type of humanoid grown-up person but a kind of X-men. Additionaly, having
done the research of living-body information engineering by Dr. Flanagan Lom, he
sampled Ling A-bao to measure the theoretical system of 'streamers.' That is
why he is called 'prototype' from the Flanagan's. Having lost his memory, he
doesn't remember the days at Flanagan Institute. As being a forecaster, he knew
that the war would break out, he had decided to get away from the millitary. He
later got GUNBOY Wilbur to reform the world.

Ruroi Gilliam (center)
Having appeared with Caspar Bailey and he's one of the most important character.
The tragedy, consisting of a new generation (as the reverse and the obverse of a
coin) of Ruroi and Casbar is the main theme of the story. Ruroi was a kind boy
and wanted to be an artist in the future. It was, however tragic for him to
encounter Casbar then. They grew up differently. Ruroi was having a good time
at the high-class school while Casbar was standing up on his own, never gone to
school and dreaming of one day becoming somebody at the ocean. During the time
that they got to know each other, Pegasus had shown up before them and changed
their daily life. On the other hand, Ruroi, having attracted by Ling A-bao,
wished he could have traveled with him, it didn't get answered because of
Casbar. A few months later after that, Ruroi had become a student soldier of
'Anti-Globe Federation Organization' and ended up shooting Ling A-bao to death.
Ruroi plays the role of FOR THE BARREL to find a new angle of 'young unknown
pilot' as appeared in the original novel.

Casbar Bailey (left)
A greedy character and the 16th Pegasus crew as leading the major role for his
first entry. He is neither a psycho-person nor a streamer. On top of it, he
hasn't identified himself yet even if he's thought to have an ancestor used to
live around the Caribbean Sea. Casbar was heading for the space all alone when
he met Ling A-bao at the colony where the drifting Pegasus had been at anchor.
He asked Ling A-bao to accompany with him to the battle and finally volunteered
to become a member of Pegasus. By the way, there is no such a hero like him,
being hated by everybody. Because Casbar only cares about himself. He enjoys
showing off his self-esteem to fulfill his own satisfaction.Worse of it, he use
people as a stepping-stone and he once showed no interests in Ling A-bao's death
in which he tried to give some message to the next generation through it. He is
not a pure-originated character even though he hadn't appeared in the original
novel after Shima Hachijo. There isn't any original characters in FOR THE
BARREL. Finally, we'd like to add that the image color of Casbar is a greedy
gold and he is totally unfamiliar with death."

I hope that whatever or whoever they're using to translate the text to English
improves -- I've corrected some of the idiosyncratic capitalization and
spelling, but otherwise what you see here is what was posted there. The
messages from the author aren't fractured like this, so I have to assume its the
translator or interpreter that's at fault here.

One item of interest is that the AEUG ("Anti-Globe Federation Organization"
sounds like a bad translation of Anti Earth Unity Government) seems to appear
just before or during the One Year War. Could this indicate a Spacenoid
independence faction in the other Sides, separate from the Zeon in Side 3?


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