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>So what happens in 2003 (or whenever) when ZZ airs in North America? Most
>people don't get the whole R/L transposition thing, so it would be rather
>confusing to have her name written one way and pronounced another.
>Think they'll adjust one or the other to "assist" North American fans?
>On a somewhat related note, is there anyone from First Gundam who would
>pose such a problem? I can't think of any off the top of my head, save for
>Char (but Shar/Sha isn't a big stretch)

I've seen some anime that even when their name is totally americanized,
it still appears in the Romanized spelling on clothes and such. Namely
sailor moon. Makoto or, in America Lita, it still referred to as Lita
even when her name is written in big letters MAKO on her shirt or
something. So They'll probably refer to a characters name as just Elpe
Puru, and not Pulu or other. They'll definitely just write it one way and
stick with that for the whole show.

Also, on a semi-related note. Gai, from Nadesico, isn't his name spelled
"Gay" on his Aesti? That would suck

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