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> Haven't seen all of ZZ yet, nor do I plan to, but I'm confused about some
> characters names. I've heard of Ple Two, Elpe Puru, Puru Two. How are
> these all related? I could swear that Plue Two and Puru (Plu?) Two are
> the same thing just spelled differently for some reason. Can someone tell
> me who these guys (or are they girls??) are?

As Romanized in a couple of illustrations in which she wears a monogrammed
jacket, the name of the 10-year-old Newtype in ZZ is Elpeo Ple -- an almost
palindrome that is also an anagram of the English word "people" and sounds like
"E-ru-pi Pu-ru" in the Japanese phonetic system. "Elpe Puru" is a phonetic
rendering of the name used by most fans for clarity, since the Elpeo Ple
spelling is invariably pronounced differently by everyone who see it without
having heard it first.

According to Animedia Extra Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ, Part 2: Complete Edition
(1987, Gakken, no ISBN), she was born on 8 March (0078, implied by her being 10
in UC 0088), stands 150 cm (4'11") tall, weighs 37 kg (82 pounds) and has blood
type O, which in Japanese popular culture indicates a person who is durable and

Meiji-era doctors concluded that Type O people were best fit to be Army soldiers
and, to this day Type O is considered militant and often characterized as
impulsive and prone to resolving problems with physical action. Most anime
characters of this nature are assigned Type O in their vital statistics. Roux
Rouka and Mondo Agake are also Type O.

The other blood types are characterized as follows. Type A is diligent,
methodical, steady and nervous -- Beecher Oleg, Ino Abbov, Haman Khan and Mineva
Lao Zabi are all Type A. Type B is creative and original, but fickle -- Judo
Ashita, Elle Vianno and Gremmi Toto are all Type B. Type AB is sociable and
sensitive -- Leina Ashita, Mashima Cello, Ciara Soon and Emily Ounce are all
Type AB.

Elpeo Ple made her debut in Episode 19, where she displayed her habit of
crooning her own name like the sound of a motor: "Pu-ru-pu-ru-pu-ru-pu-ruuuu!"

Ple-2 ("Pu-ru-tsu") is a clone of Elpeo Ple who appears in Episode 36. Her
vital statistics are identical to Ple's, with the exception of birthdate, which
is not given but presumed to be the same. Although only the two are ever seen,
it's implied that there are more, all cloned from the original at birth to
create a stockpile of Newtypes. The remaining Ple clones were all destroyed
before they could be activated as a small army to be led by Ple-2.


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