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> > Okie, heres my opinion, and you probably all disagree or sometin, but i
> > wondering what your opinions were on fanfics. personally, i think they
> > suckass and fill in the blank and they never have any plots, and their
> > probably don't even make sense to a series. Look a GW fanfics, their
> > gay heero and duo(friend told me this, i never read fanfics)! So whats
> > opinion of piece-o-crap fanfics
> Personally I like GW fics and SM fics and I'm reveiwng fics for a cool sm
> site starting next month so if you all want the addy to the cool sm site
> ask and I'll give it to ya!
> Seiya Kou

well, I do write fanfics for GW in the Shounen-ai/slight yaoi vein, and I
always thought that a good plot should be included, with some mecha action.
I think my fic is still archived in, though I did a google
search once, and it seems to have been lifted all over the place...thank god
I haven't found a plagiarism case yet. I also seem to have been on
somebody's top ten list...which is great, but I wish I had more time
nowadays to finish the unfinished one. the finished fic is under the name
"Dogs of War" and the unfinished one is named "Not to Touch the Earth".

For me, it doesn't matter what the gender or whatever slant is, as long as
there is a good story to accompany it. having GW pilots do the horizontal
mambo just for the sake of it is definitely not a good story, and if the
story is about making events conspire for them to get their clothes
off....well, that's not nice either. there has to be a story, with that
sort of thing included as part of that "what if?" world. It should NOT be
the main thing for it. I dunno if I was able to do that with "Dogs of War"
(I hope I did), but I hope it came across as more than a shounen ai thing.
BTW, I did make one technical mistake about the mecha that is glaringly
obvious...because the shinigami copy is a version one, not the corrected
version involves the use of the Wing Gundam's gun. <slaps
forehead>. I should have done some editing before sending it! ARGHH!

anyway, that's my two cents on it...

BTW! Happy New Year, peeps!

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